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A long, long time ago, after the sun would go down, people looked for an alternative source of light. It is assumed that it was around 3000 BC that the Egyptians soaked reeds in melted animal fat and used them to light their way. Those were most likely the first "candles" in the world.

Since then, candles have slowly modernized. Wicks were constantly improved, new waxes were developed. But candles stayed what they were at the beginning - a light in the darkness.

Candle Pixie is here to guide you through the soothing and enchanting world of candles, tell you about all the different candle types and even help you make your own candles.

If you don't know where to start, you can always start from the beginning, the history of candles. Enjoy.

Did you know ?

Try rubbing small wax spills with lighter fluid.

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